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STUDIO by TwenteOne

Learn From Experiences 

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Storytelling for Sucess 

Public Speaker

Live onsite Engagements 


Book a Speaking Engagement or Series of Talks with experienced leaders and change makers that share their insights, experiences and trials and tribulations that have contributed to their growth and success. 

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Virtual Team Series 


Brings Teams across your network together through interactive talks on compelling personal growth topics and team development. offered to remote workforces and national teams, a way to hear from leaders on how they have made gains through personal development. 

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Compelling Talks and Interviews 


Thought provoking interviews and one on one talks with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers - learn the experiences from every day leaders and learn to relate and use strategies for your own personal growth journey. 

Stories are memorable, relatable and inspiring. Every great speaking engagement is almost always on the backbone of a story, an experience that has been lived, failures that have been overcome and successes that have been met. 

Studio by TwenteOne aims to bring our audiences just that - compelling life experiences from every day people who have been resilient within their quest, overcome obstacles, learned from their experiences and others and created a life and the success they live today. 

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Everyone Has a Story

Designed for Everyday Life

Happy Girl

Emerging Talent & Future Leaders

Designed for Educational Institutions and Corporate settings, Studio by TwenteOne provides speakers and coaches that address some of the most prevailing topics and strategies that deal with positive mental health outcomes. 

Personal Trainer

Personal Growth 

Hear from change makers and individuals that have pursued their goals and made a difference in their lives.

Ideal for Corporate settings and corporate teams. 

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Leadership and Success 

  • Recruitment and retention

    • engagement

  • Mental health (culture)

  • Hiring performance - take who you have and create better performance

  • Hybrid

  • Empathy and creating a safe space

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