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Performance is an Art Form

About us

The workforce has changed, therefore the need for better more advanced leadership skills is imperative to create lasting results. TwenteOne is a boutique consulting firm that provides tailored business solutions for an evolving workforce.  


TwenteOne is a different type of consulting company. Developed on the principles used to lead by high performance athletes and sports teams, we have combined the key elements of sports training and managing and training corporate teams to create solutions that deliver marginal, but lasting positive change.


Our innovative approach is based on seven principles of high performing teams, delivered through structured phases and intervals to tackle the areas that require improvement, execute change, and improve outcomes. TwenteOne provides Organizations with the right match of consultants that have the experience to execute for winning results. Proven experience coupled with TwenteOne’s playbook provides organizations the tools, know how and roadmap for successful growth strategies.


Let us help your organization achieve its long-term vison to scale, sustain and grow!

Contact us for a complimentary consultation where we strive to understand your specific business requirements and develop a game plan that meets your objectives.

Business Strategy

In today’s business world, a successful business strategy must encompass carefully coordinated choices about the business model with the highest potential to create value, innovation and the competitive differentiation that captures as much of that value as possible. Companies need to be prepared to adapt constantly to the changing environment, while building the capabilities needed to realize value over the long term.


TwenteOne works with your team to help develop an approach that integrates all the required elements needed for success. Our experienced Consultants work with your team to implement your Business and Corporate Strategy and manage the implementation to achieve the desired outcomes.

Business Development and Sales Management 

TwenteOne’s Business Development and Fractional Sales Management is a burgeoning service, offering immediate business-growth -solutions for sales stagnation faced by many small to mid-sized businesses. For companies that have halted in their growth and business development levels, TwenteOne’s experienced sales team injects expertise into their sales strategies, efforts and talent development that propels customers beyond their current level of sales volume, no longer sufficient to achieve their growing business initiatives.


From analyzing and creating sales objectives, lead generation and RFX Management Solutions, TwenteOne has a solution tailored to your corporate objectives. 



A unique and effective way to create lasting positive change. Studio by TwenteOne brings you the Thought Leaders, Change Makers and Business Executives and Founders that have prospered and innovated within their businesses with proven outcomes.

Studio is tailored to your business needs and delivered through customized offsite leadership retreats, onsite speaking engagements or evening events. A Creative and effective way to step away from the day-to-day grind and focus on the renewed business strategy and purpose.

Business Presentation

leadership and coaching

The TwenteOne Leadership Coaching solution focuses on seven modules over 21 hours of direct one-on-one coaching delivered by our experienced Coaches, that have hands on business experience with proven results. We provide today’s leaders with the tools on how to create, maintain and lead high performance teams, while also improving their own performance – creating a continuous model of achieving positive outcomes with their personal and professional lives.


Discover the ways we can support your teams.

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