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featured webinars

Book a session with TwenteOne's Managing Partner Courtney Tidona who has 10 years experience and has built three successful business in the online space. Delivered via a 60 minute webinar, Courtney will take you through a crash course on how Business Owners and Marketing Executives can harness the power of social media to create awareness, buzz and increase lead generation. Participants can learn how to integrate social media into their integrated marketing strategy.

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TwenteOne works with your team to determine the best business leadership development getaways and customizes the course to meet your goals and objectives, overcome your pain points and ensure that all aspects of your needs are being met by our deliverables. Some established retreats are listed below and can be customized.

Onsite Seminars

TwenteOne provides team development, strategy and execution and planning seminars to its corporate clients. Our Coaches work with your organizational leaders  to ensure that there is alignment in messaging and seminar structure and outcomes are clearly defined. Our Coaches are available to mentor and guide your teams through the coursework from theory to practice. 


Custom designed to target improvement areas within the organization, TwenteOne will work with your team to develop the relevant leadership and team building webinars that are not only informative, but interactive. The duration is usually 60 to 90 minutes and provided in a three part series with follow ups and course work. 


TwenteOne can help heighten the enthusiasm of your corporate events by bring real world business lessons learned in the trenches. Learn about the sprit and grit of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders that have proven experiences and strategies that have led to successful businesses. From small businesses, start-ups to fortune 500 companies, these selected leaders help shape the narrative of what it takes to succeed  

featured Retreats

reinspired leadership

Designed for Executive Leaders, this Retreat focuses on the obstacles holding senior leadership teams back from agreeing and executing on their corporate strategies. Acceptance of ideas and leadership styles focused on inclusivity and empathic leadership are some of the topics and obstacles that this retreat focuses on.

high performance leadership

Learning from each other’s experiences, the High Performing CEO Retreat looks at the stories, successes, and failures of your peers and how we can learn from them. We apply the principles of high performance to real life examples and examine how outcomes can be different and positive. This retreat brings individual leadership styles and bridges the gap between individualistic leadership and teamwork and how to create a more engaged leadership style.

high performance teams

Designed for middle management, the doers and executors of the strategy, this retreat focusses on the principles of execution, taking the idea to reality. The emphasis is on performance and execution, creating a team-building environment for a more productive workforce and results driven processes and engagement.

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