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Performance is an Art Form
What We Do

We coach and consult individuals and teams by improving performance through the development of sustainable new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviours for higher performing habits. 

Confident Businesswoman

Executive Coaching

Leadership is needed more than ever today and it requires a certain set of skills and tools to drive engagement and outcomes.


Our One-on-One coaching focuses on you, and with that, we are available to you when you need us the most. With set scheduled training sessions and on demand virtual sessions - we are there to coach you through it when you are met with those difficult situations


Through an initial assessment, our Coaches will work with you to define your unique goals and timelines then examine each facet that you are looking to improve.


Once the assessment phase is complete, our Coaches deliver a Game Plan that sets the accountabilities and milestones that you will set out to achieve. Your Coach devises the game plan that is comprised of a two-way accountability relationship, in which a

“No Excuses-Just Results” attitude is developed. During regularly scheduled sessions, your Coach measures your success, and ensures that you continue along the path of achieving your targets. 

Team Meeting


Ideas fail, business fail, teams fail – innovation is stagnant if at all relevant. Yet, professional sports teams perform every game day, competing at the wills to walk away with a win towards the ultimate of goals – championships. Why is it any different in the corporate world?


Much of what athletes accomplish on the field has more to do with their mindset than bodies. A Unified approach is required to developing teams – to develop focus, mentally sharpen, and read the lightning-fast signals their bodies send to their brains. Businesses can do the same. There are several ways leaders can approach their teams, so their teams are aligned, functioning at their best and accomplishing set goals. 


Our method of delivery is simple, scalable and sustainable – Establish Unity, Create Purpose, Shared Mindset.

Team Development

      Customized Approach  


TwenteOne works with you to get an understanding of what your goals and objectives are, where your team needs to be and what the organization's growth and scale objectives are. During a preliminary expectation session, we will develop a game plan that meets those objectives and is typically delivered via one or a combination of the solutions below.

Strategy and Execution  

Executive Coaching 

Performance Team Building 

TwenteOne Studio

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