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Performance Driven,  

Precision Focussed 

Why TwenteOne - lets start with why a Rowing Team?

Rowing is known as the ultimate teamwork literally takes months of practice for the same eight-crew members to achieve the same sense of self, rhythm, & consistency and results.  


When a crew finally does achieve this synchronicity, after weeks of incessant training, an astonishing wave of power takes over the boat.

Led by the Coach (Leader), each team member must know every move, when it needs to happen, expect the obstacles and navigate them together - one move outside of the strategy can effect the outcomes. 

TwenteOne Difference

Marginal change creates lasting outcomes. The biggest problem that most Leaders and Teams have when it comes to setting and achieving their performance goals is that that they take on everything and do nothing great, failing and or often completing, but with less than 40% of effort, creating not so positive outcomes but rather just simply an outcome.


Athletes train everyday for competition, why should it be any different in any other facet of life. Establishing marginal changes allows you to successfully attain the established goals and objectives. The daily training is the execution of the strategy but whats needed are the habits that are required to execute on those strategic goals.


TwenteOne was developed based on a combination of sports training and managing and training corporate teams,  implementing marginal changes to create lasting outcomes. Our coaching and consulting sessions work on three-week intervals to tackle the areas that require improvement, execute change and measure outcomes.


Leading successful teams, to grow small businesses into multimillion dollars corporations starts with strategic steps of focussed effort where you are delivering 100% on each objective at defined periods of time.


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